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NFT Desktop Companions That Eat, Sleep, and Play.

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We're bringing
virtual pets into the metaverse

Their first steps are through your browsers, as an extension that allows you to interact and grow NFT pets directly from your computer screen. With unique personalities, each MetaPal takes time to learn and understand, with your responsibility to nurture and care for your virtual companion, just like you would a real pet!

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Virtual companions that love to grow, and you'll grow to love.

Think of the strong, emotional bonds that we form with our pets; the care, companionship, and sense of responsibility that they give. Now imagine if we could translate that essence into the virtual world. We're on a mission to build just that; digital life that display genuine emotion, unique personalities, and adaptive behaviours.


Proof-of-Care Model

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Bridging the gap between web 2.0 and 3.0

Your MetaPal ends up being the first step along a much bigger journey, acting as a guide to all the great and wonderful things the metaverse will one day offer.

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