Introducing MetaPals

MetaPals is a browser extension that allows users to interact and grow virtual pets directly from their web browser windows.With distinct personalities, a Metapal can be trained, interact with elements of a webpage, and play page-specific minigames with the user. All these add to the MetaPal Care Index, a metric used to measure the digital pets' wellbeing.

Behind the simple interface and these virtual pets' adorable natures, MetaPals introduces several innovations within the NFT, GameFi, and Blockchain spaces. As NFTs themselves, all in-game interactions from petting your MetaPal to playing games with it are on-chain events that write to the underlying NFT smart contract, thereby influencing its value directly. Unique virtual pets and accessories can be purchased via a marketplace that runs in-game and on a cryptocurrency-based token economy.

MetaPals is More Than a Browser Extension

MetaPals is the first step towards bringing life into the metaverse. Many of us think it can easily become a stale, detached space that's primed for corporate exploitation, but we believe in its potential for positive value and experiences. So we asked ourselves: what is that common thread that binds most (if not all) of us together?

We can't think of a better way to bring about that sense of life and emotion than with man's best friend, or any pet for that matter. That's why we pursued this project: one full of joy, excitement, and wonder. It's also something close to our hearts, having grown up in the '90s with the revolutionary Tamagotchi.

MetaPals gives you a peek into how we can begin that transition into a hybrid lifestyle, providing uniquely immersive experiences in AR/VR, and beyond, all with a lovable virtual companion by your side. Together, we can uncover a whole new meaning of what it is to live and love in the virtual world, be it in the web2 or web3 space.


Bringing Your Virtual Pets To Life

As a team, our first step is to understand, empathize, and master the idea of becoming emotionally connected with digital pets.

Next, to build and develop the right framework along with compatible features that can then be applied to the online space and beyond, including the metaverse.

All these, so we can bring together the pioneers, experts, and all passionate animal lovers to help realize genuine compassion and emotions for our digital pets.

Our Investors

A big thank you to all (and future) partners, investors, and friends who've helped us come this far with MetaPals. To many more iterations and caffeine-fueled days with our beloved virtual pets!

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