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Our Roadmap

2022 Q1
  • $TREATS Whitelisting
  • $TREATS Token Sale
  • Alpha Launch
  • Genesis Drop
2022 Q2
  • Beta Launch
  • Dapp Marketplace
  • $TREATS Staking
  • Wearables Release
2022 Q3
  • Browser Mini-game
  • First MetPalverse
  • Partnership
  • Smart Extension Module
2022 Q4
  • MetaPalVerse Launch
  • MetaVerse concept
  • Marketing campaign for MetPal Game
  • MetaPal Game Launch
  • Future MetaVerse plans
  • Decentralisation and Governance
2023 Q2
  • MetaPal Game Trailer
  • MetaPal Community
  • I-NFT Developer Module
2022 Q3
More milestones ahead!
dog on land

Our Pawtential

Coming 2022


Our browser extension is a powerful tool to fully realise the vision of existing and upcoming NFT projects. Imagine being able to interact with your BAYC or CryptoKitty NFT directly from your computer screen!

Coming 2023


Existing browser extension tools can easily be connected with our MetaPals to seamlessly access their amazing features and functions. What if you could equip the dictionary accessory on your Metapal and also gain access to Grammarly's autocorrect?

Coming 2023

Social Gaming

No pet experience is complete without playmates! Interact with others through your MetaPal, engage with our community of pet lovers, and trade with others through a secondary marketplace. We'll also build a virtual dog park for everyone to hang out at!

Coming 2024


Hello Kitty? Mickey Mouse? SNOOPY!? We're talking with some of the biggest mascots and characters out there to integrate with our NFT extension. Its time to bring. It's time to bring our well-loved characters from our childhoods into web 3.0!

Coming 2024

Multiple Devices

Browser screens are just the tip of the meta-icebergs for us. Once your MetaPals get comfortable living in your screens, we'll slowly introduce them to your mobile phones, augmented and virtual reality devices, and more!

Coming 2025

Easing You Into The Metaverse

The metaverse can be a daunting place to explore for most of us, so why not have a trusted companion by your side, guiding you safely throughout your web3 journey? Your MetaPal will stay with you no matter which metaverse you enter!

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