Our Origin Story

In 2017, our co-founders Daryl Lim and Max Giammario met at an entrepreneurship summit organised by Stanford, and quickly became best friends as well as business partners in several ventures. 4 years later, both co-founders coincidentally enrolled in the Masters of Science in Innovation & Technopreneurship Course at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, thus becoming schoolmates!

portrait max and daryl

For one of their Masters‘ modules, they explored ideas within the blockchain space and researched on the influence and success of Tamagotchi, which they both loved during their childhoods. Specifically, they looked into why people of all ages and genders would become emotionally attached to these digital pets and care deeply for them, as much as they would real-life pets. They even went so far to test their concept in a hackathon powered by Filecoin, IPFS, FLOW and Decentology, and won not only the track award for best use of browser extension, but also the grand award!

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With a newfound team that's 20-people strong and still rapidly growing today, the concept has developed into what you know now as MetaPals! With a grand total of USD512,000 secured thus far, we are now working hard to bring our vision of virtual companionship to life in both the web2 and web3 spaces.

Meet our team

Daryl Lim
Daryl Lim
Co-Founder & COO
In 2018, I lost my life-long friend, partner, and side-kick; my white Maltese dog. Things have never been same without him, and everyday I still think of the times where he would be around me and simply sit near my lap just to keep me company. My motivation is simply to have an immortalised version of him to reminisce the times we had together and accompany me once again.
Daryl's Story
Max Giammario
Max Giammario
Co-Founder & CEO
After moving to Singapore alone, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a new sense of isolation and loneliness. With no friends, family, and an apartment that didn't allow pets, I was in desperate need for companionship and community. Looking after plants can only do so much, and so after studying the Tamagotchi effect, and my experience in the blockchain space, I decided to pursue the next generation of virtual pets through MetaPals.
Max's Story
Tony Soekirman
Tony Soekirman
Co-Founder & CTO
I've had a Tamagotchi virtual pets in my life ever since I was a teenager at school and I thought it might be nice to see if anyone else out there has ever owned or interacted with any of the same virtual creatures, through MetaPals I want to build more believable Pet which has stronger emotional bond, the personality based on how we interact with them and bring the virtual pet community together.
Tony's Story
Joey Sim
Joey Sim
Communications Lead
I love animals (and am also trying to love those that are less cuddly and more creepy-crawly), so the idea of virtual pets has always been enticing for me from a gaming point of view. MetaPals is thus basically a harmonious marriage of two big passions in my life, and I can't wait to see how we grow these awesome companions and perhaps even happy lil' helpers in the virtual world!
Joey's Story

Embark into the virtual unknown with a cute, smart pet companion!

All of us in the team are driven by our great love for animals and our pets. That's why we want to replicate the experience of pet ownership in the metaverse to foster the same, genuine sense of companionship in the virtual world, so our online experiences can be even more enriching and enjoyable.

Besides accompanying you during those late-nighters and motivating you in times of doubt, MetaPals will also become your trusty companions in all things related to the metaverse at a later development stage.

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